All About Julia

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Julia’s love of baking began at an early age, when she was discovered on the kitchen counter, covered with a flour and water mixture from head to toe. Since then she has refined her skills and now boasts beautiful cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. She has catered events ranging from corporate fundraisers to kid’s birthday parties. Julia thrives on creating themed parties for any event. From decor suggestions to cookies, cake pops, or custom cakes, Julia is sure to exceed your expectations!

After showing up to friend’s parties armed with baked goods, cupcakes and cakes, her friends began asking her to make cakes for their friend’s birthdays. Her baked goods not only looked marvelous with their hand-decorated designs, but tasted incredibly delicious as well. It wasn’t long before word spread and Julia turned this into a blossoming business. Since Batterfingers’ inception in 2006, the company has worked solely from “word-of-mouth.”

Julia is an entrepreneur who coordinates an English school for newcomers to Canada. She earned her Bachelor of Social Work Degree and went on to do a Masters in Education, followed by special training as an ESL teacher. Her lively personality and love of people shows in all that she does. Julia is constantly adding new recipes to her repertoire and working on innovative ways to make her already decadent cookies and cupcakes even more scrumptious!